Briann R. Morbitzer, M.S., CCC-SLPDiscovereffective communication

Therapy for all ages and communication goals via in-home or virtual sessions.

Briann Morbitzer is a licensed speech-language pathologist with special interest and experience in treating stuttering and fluency disorders.

My son looked forward to his speech therapy sessions. We saw tremendous growth in his speech development under Briann's direction. Today I no longer have concerns.

Amy, mother and physician

Client-Driven Therapy

Treatment Services

We treat most speech and language disorders, including stuttering and other disfluency conditions. All treatment works towards the client's goals and desired outcomes.

Accent Modification
Language Learning

She sees beyond the mere speech remediation to communication as a whole. It is apparent she values communication when she herself graciously connects with people of all ages and diversities.

Jen, mother

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Adults and children
We treat communication and fluency conditions for all ages. We especially encourage ongoing stuttering support for adults and older children.
Private and individualized
All sessions are one-on-one and tailored to the client's progress. Our clients never follow generic treatment programs.
In-home or virtual
Sessions are always conducted from the comfort of the client's home, school or office. In-person and virtual options are available.

An indication of how my children feel about Bri: without prompt, my daughter brings an original piece of artwork for Bri. Every. Single. Session.

John, father and teacher

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The progress my children have made since starting with Bri has been nothing less than amazing. My wife and Bri view Bri as a magician.

Bri gave me the tools I needed to come alongside my child. I was amazed at her high level of education an expertise in the field, her deep passion, and her commitment to the success of her students.


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Superior Speech Therapy treats adults and children for most speech and fluency disorders, including stuttering and apraxia. Briann Morbitzer is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist and licensed Minnesota speech therapist in the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

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